Finals Calculator

The Finals Calculator of evaluation of the achievements of expected results in primary or general education.

Based on the results of the finals calculator of evaluation of the decision about the readiness of the pupil of the elementary school to continue their education in high school.
The main results of the general education: forming the universal and meaningful ways of action, as well as the supporting knowledge systems, which provide an opportunity to study in high school.
The shift in focus from studying basic sciences to development of universal educational actions based on the foundations of science.

Internal GPA calculator in the school, teacher and stimulates learning students in the primary grades.
One of the features of the evaluation a tiered approach to the presentation of the expected results.

As a starting point is not the perfect sample from which subtraction technique mistakes and shortcomings shaped grades, and necessary for the continuation of education and actually made by the majority of students reference level of educational achievements. Achieving the reference level-training success child discharge standard.
Assessment of individual educational achievements to “method of adding” (reference level + his excess), encourage the promotion of students.

In the planning final grade calculator result describing the subject and the evaluation criteria grading scale of presenting the results.

In the section evaluation of the expected results on the formation of GPA due to all the educational components: courses, further education implemented by family personality results not subject to final grade evaluation.

The finals calculator score of the graduate elementary school is based on the accumulation of estimates for all academic subjects at final works.

A decision on the successful development of Grade Point Average education and graduate to the next stage of general education is accepted with the characteristic of the graduate elementary school.

Final grade calculator of works directed on new standards not to assess mastery of substantive skills, and the ability to apply knowledge in a variety of situations when performing tasks of high complexity. The student must demonstrate an additional knowledge and level of autonomy to use learned material.

Tasks can be measured elevated levels of a different number of points depending on the completeness and correctness of an answer.

The exam control is a means of timely adjustment of its activities, changes in planning further education and prevention of school failure. More appropriate GPA score as analytical judgments for possible remedies. If the current control and thematic disciple is given more time to prepare and an opportunity to retake material.

Final grades for the development of self-monitoring and self-evaluation of the student it is advisable to select independent tests on different options. One of the key requirements for evaluation activity is: formation of students skills to assess their results compare with the standards.

Teacher creates public opinion in class: what work meets the best grade, what is the general impression of the work that needs to be done to fix, it helps the development of valuation activity of students. The verbal grade calculator reveals the dynamics of the results of its training activities, analyses its capabilities and diligence (clear fixing of successful results, disclosure of causes of failures).

At the end of the school year, the grade finals calculator takes place a comprehensive work of evaluation.