Weighted Grade Calculator

School grading is school note (or simply GPA), and is a method used to assess and categorize the school performance of the students.

Weighted Grade Calculator list is presented in a document which, according to the country and the institution, receives many among others the following names: academic history, academic record, school record, ballot or ratings newsletter,notes certificate, certificate of registration of qualifications, qualifications or academic certification Act; in many American institutions are used even the weighted grade calculator system.
Average of each student academic record will result from the application of the following formula: sum of the grades earned by the student, each multiplied by the value of the qualifications obtained in the subject or matter in which are integrated, divided by the number of total credits earned by the student.
For record of graduates accessing grade titles as graduates, through a course of adaptation that does not require recognition, the calculation of the Weighted Grade studies academic record note, will be the final result.

The average college weighted grade calculator shall be calculated in the following way: students study plans not structured in grades from:
• Sum of the obsolete subjects by multiplying each of them by the value of the qualifying matches. The result will be divided by the total number of the corresponding teaching subjects.
• In the case of quarterly or semi-annual subjects will be counted half of the value of the qualification in the sum and half of the subject in the divider.
Weighted Grade will be calculated the score obtained in the center of provenance. If there is no qualification, is not taken into account for the purposes of weighting. Grades earned by recognition of credits training activities not integrated into curricula will be not qualified numerically or be counted for the calculator of the average of the academic record.
This qualification shall be weighted with respect to the media of each qualification and the average of the University, with the aim of giving priority to those obtained records in the degrees of lower-rated media (where is supposed to be more difficult to achieve best ratings).

Calculator of the weighted grade of record will be evaluated from 0 to 10 and shall be obtained in accordance with the system of qualifications in the degrees of official and valid throughout the national territory, with the following adjustments in the Grade Calculator for the purpose of this call for proposals: the sum of the ratings of the subjects will be held and will be divided by the number of them who have qualified, taking the quarterly consideration of media subject to all effects.

When it is second cycle, the finals calculator will be taking into account the qualifications obtained in the studies of first cycle which gives access to the new degree more credits that the student could have passed to date 30 September the course prior to the application.

Curricula refreshed (structured in credits), will be the weighting of subjects in the following way: sum of credit qualified, each multiplied by the value of the Weighted Grade that corresponds and divided by the total number of qualified credits.

With regard to the subjects adapted, validated and recognition of credits, shall apply the Weighted Grade Calculator of the sole which establishes the procedure for issuing by the universities, the subjects validated will have the equivalence points corresponding to the rating obtained in the school of origin. For the final grade subjects will be calculated the GPA obtained and recognition of credits in which there is no qualification shall not be taken into account for the purposes of weighted grade.