Achieve final exam calculator is provided by all components of the educational process: the subjects represented in the invariant part of the base of the curriculum; variation of the main education programs, as well as further education final exam implemented by the family and the school.

The final exam focus of the evaluation of personal results serves as the well formed of generic actions included in the three following main blocks:

• self-determination-the well-formed of internal positions of the student;

• moral and ethical orientation — the knowledge of the basic moral standards and a focus on compliance, based on an understanding of their social need

The main contents of personal assessment results in primary school is built around grade ratings:

-other internal positions schoolboy, emotionally-positive attitude of the pupil to the school, focus on meaningful moments of school reality — lessons, learning new skills, learning new skills, the nature of academic cooperation with the teacher and classmates, and sample orientation behavior “good pupil” as an example to follow;

-Harmonic foundations of civil identity is a sense of pride in their homeland, significant knowledge to the fatherland of historical events; love to the native land and small motherland, awareness of its nationality, respect for culture and traditions of the peoples;

-articulation of self-evaluation, including awareness of their opportunities to learn, ability to adequately judge the reasons for his success/failure in teaching; the ability to see their strengths and weaknesses, respect yourself and believe in success;

-motivation of training activities, including social, educational and cognitive and external motivation, curiosity and interest in new content and ways of solving the problems of motivation of achieving a result, desire to improve their skills;

-knowledge of moral norms and the articulation of ethical judgement, ability to solve moral problems on the basis of coordination of the various points of view, the ability to evaluate their own actions and the actions of others with respect to the violation of moral norms.

The grade calculator formation and the achievement of the above personal results: the task and responsibility of the educational system and educational institutions. Therefore, the assessment of these final grades of the educational activities carried out in the course of external monitoring studies, the results of which shall form the basis for decision making in the design and implementation of regional development to support the educational process.

The subject of final grade calculator is not progress personal development of the student and the effectiveness of the educational activities of educational institutions. Internal evaluation within the system is possible limited articulation of individual assessment of individual results, fully meets the ethical principles the protection and best interests of the child and the confidentiality of the Assessment is aimed at solving the optimization problem of personal development of pupils and includes three main components:

-characterization of the achievements and positive qualities of a student

-the definition of priorities and areas of personal development, taking into account both the achievements and the psychological problems of the child;

-psycho-pedagogical system of recommendations designed to ensure successful implementation of educational and preventive development.

The other form of assessment of final exam calculator can be individual progress assessment of personal development of pupils who need special support. Such an assessment is carried out only upon request of the parents (or teachers or administration upon request and with the consent of the parents) and conducted by a psychologist with special training in developmental psychology.

The primary focus of the finals calculator results of several communicative and cognitive generic actions that such mental actions of students who aim to analyze and manage its cognitive activity. These exam include:

-ability to have and maintain a training aim and objectives; transform yourself into the practical task of cognitive, ability to plan their own activities in accordance with the task and the conditions of its implementation and to seek funds for its implementation; the ability to monitor and evaluate their actions, make adjustments in their implementation, on the basis of the assessment and the nature of the error, take the initiative and autonomy in learning;

-the ability to conduct information retrieval, collection and allocation of substantial information from various information sources;

-the ability to use symbolic-symbolic means to model objects and processes, training and solution schemes of cognitive and practical tasks;

-logical compare operation, analysis, synthesis, establishing analogies, referring to well-known notions;

-the ability to collaborate with teacher and peers in solving educational problems, take responsibility for the results of their actions.

Main content of weighted grade calculator results in primary school is built around the ability to learn, i.e. the totality of means of action, which provides the ability of students to the absorption of new knowledge and skills.

Features of final exam results associated with the nature of generic actions. Level of universal educational actions can be qualitatively evaluated and measured in the following main forms.

First, achieving GPA Calculator results may act as the result of a specially designed diagnostic tasks aimed at the assessment of the level of specific type of universal educational actions.

Secondly, achieving final exam results can be considered as a condition for the success of the educational and educational-practical tasks by means of educational subjects.

Thirdly, achieving final results can be shown in the success of integrated tasks on interdisciplinary basis.

The advantage of the last two methods of assessment is that the subject of measurement becomes level attribution generic students training actions. Final exam evaluation results can be organized during various procedures. For example, in the final test work on subjects or in complex work on interdisciplinary basis appropriate to make an assessment of the majority of cognitive training for action and information skills, as well as an assessment of a number of communication and regulatory action.

In the course of internal assessment exercise in portfolio in the form of evaluation sheets and sheets of observations of teachers or school psychologist can be rated by achieving such communication and regulatory actions that are difficult (or impossible and impractical) check during a standardized final exam work. For example, the level of such skills as interaction with partner: partner orientation, ability to listen and hear the interlocutor; the desire to integrate and coordinate the various views and positions regarding the object, an action, an event, etc.