Since its birth the human being is subject to learning, training, act as grade, necessary for development, development, and integration into society and accommodating to different environmental requirements. Also in the composition of any process, regardless of complexity, need assessment, the finding of the learned, their grade Weighted, determining the level reached on the ladder of evolution, determining a level of success or failure, so choosing the methods, techniques remediation. So how our life cycle is a series of exams to nature, society.

All human life is a sample evaluation; learned from the actions, behavior, attitudes to skills, knowledge, information it holds, all are “corrected”, appreciated, valued, either from other people or the man himself, consciously or unconsciously. Of these, assessment tests that you realize most, for which we prepare thoroughly and we remain etched in memory for some can whole life, are given in school. What is a sample grade calculator weighted evaluation in school?

How to fix and record these assessments? How to properly appreciate? What risks exist in appreciation? But what helps us the results of these tests given in school?

What is school evaluation? Perspectives from which we define school evaluation are multiple Proofs are many definitions given over the years, so teachers in our country: rating pedagogical aims effectiveness of education through the relationship between project objectives and results achieved by pupils in activity for studying.; rating in the field of education appears as a complex process of final grade calculator of educational activity with the planned objectives (quality assessment), with the resources (assessment of effectiveness) or with previous results (progress assessment).

School Assessment is the process of delimiting, obtain and provide useful information, enabling subsequent decisions.” and the teachers foreigners say that grading evaluation is the process of obtaining information – the student, the teacher himself or the educational program – and to exploit such information for certain findings which, in turn, will be used for the adoption of finals calculator; rating in practical terms, be equivalent concepts: measuring, matching, judgment; a process of collecting the necessary data that supports decisions to be taken in order to improve results and work together, or practice assessment involves a systematic gathering of information about the activities, features and objectives of the programs to be used by certain specialists in order to reduce the relativity, improve efficiency and to make decisions about how to carry out those programs or realities affecting them.

The many definitions given by teachers highlighting the diversity of meanings given to that concept and summarizing a unique meaning is impossible. Most definitions relate to the action to obtain information about the status and functioning of the process, the report objectives results, measuring and assessing the learning process, formation of value judgments and so on

Why is it necessary Weighted Grade Calculator in school? What fulfills this function?

Grading evaluation of the school has a very important place, helping to improve the educational process both teacher and student to acknowledge their shortcomings and mistakes made learning so far. Whether you it is an initial assessment made at the start of training (academic year, semester, cycles), an assessment throughout the learning process, continuous be a final evaluation, balance, each has a role well defined in the educational process and can not be replaced or avoided.

As indicated, in a more general interpretation, we distinguish seven significant features of the assessment; observant, balancing, forecasting, moral and social development.

So, in short, the grade calculator weighted evaluation process activates teacher communicates knowledge and values, send information about student progress, provide feedback, anticipate the likely success of students, it helps establish a classification among students.