How to calculate your GPA

This section explains how to calculate your GPA. If your course was a five year Engineering degree comprising 180 credit points, you should divide the subjects or units into 5 groups of about 36 credit points each. The subjects or units in the first two groups will not be included in the GPA calculations.

Study in the current year If you are completing your qualifying degree this year and already have your first semester results, you should include them in your GPA calculations. They will typically only constitute half of the Final year results. If you current study is an good year, you will most likely have no first semester results.

You should calculate your GPA calculator using your bachelor degree results. Check school entries in the Admissions Guide for information about how they may use results from current study. Part-time study If you completed a 3 year BSc over 6 years of part time study, you should still divide all the subjects or units into 3 roughly equal groups, based on the order you completed them. These groups constitute your Final-minus-2, Final-minus-1 and Final years.

If you have completed a combined degree or transferred between different universities or courses, or have received credit for prior studies (including study abroad or exchange semesters), you must record all such rolments within the relevant three year full-time-equivalent period.

Note that you will need to provide all relevant official transcripts for any study undertaken at a university that is not a participant in ARTS (see Appendix A). Note that it may be difficult for you to estimate a GPA in this circumstance. Step Two Enter the credit points and actual marks or grades for each subject or unit Using the groupings of subjects or units described in Step 1 above, list the subjects or units making up the last three full time equivalent years of study in chronological order, in their year groupings.

All results from the last three full time equivalent years of study, including fails and repeated subjects, must be included.

For each subject or unit enter the subject name or subject code. Remember that the “GPA Year” refers to Final-minus-2, Final-minus-1 and Final years, so each GPA year may include subjects or units taken in different calendar years, particularly if you have studied part-time. It may also include subjects taken at different levels. For instance you may have taken a first-year subject in the final year of your degree so that will be counted in the Final GPA year.

Unit value of subject Each degree is made up by a certain number of subjects or units, credit points or contact hours, with subjects or units offered at the first, second and third academic year levels (for a three-year bachelor degree). Enter the unit value or credit points value of each subject or unit, as these appear on your transcript.