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The contingency plan employed by the institution in keeping the student grades and records is not as effective as well. Over the years this kind of system exhausts the institutions resources and deprives the productivity of the teachers thereby lessening their feelings. Considering the setbacks of the manual system and as a result of the observation, the developer was highly motivated for the creation of a new system for grading system.

Statement of the Problem

1.Does the academic institution currently employ standardized grading system?

2.What are the components of the grading system?

3.Does the academic institution have allocated budget to implement and sustain the implementation of an online grading system?

Objective of the Study The main objective of the study is to design and develop an effective and reliable Online Grading System for PervheeIzel School that will assist the administration in generating the grades of the students. Speciffically the study sought to:

1.Identify the functional and non functional requirements

2.Identify the features of the system

3.Test the usability of the system

Significance of the Study The proposed system for <school> will be efficient in terms of time consuming, physical resources, and cost. Faculty Teachers. The system will allow the teachers to calculate grades of their students faster thereby lessening their workload and providing them with added time to attend to other functions. This in turn would improve the effiency of teachers. School Administrator. School administrators no longer have supervised carefully the computation of final grade calculator of each student to check on the accuracy. Submission of reports such as grading sheets and class record can be submitted ahead of time.

Students. Students can now look forward to a better lesson since the teachers will have more time to prepare the class for a better discussion. Scope and Limitation The system will allow to keep the students grades to be computed based on the criteria set by learning institution and provide a generated on time report. It also allows the user to access and manage the students’ record at any of the convenient place and time suitable to the users.

The system has a security feature of which the admin and teachers are required to log-in before getting into the system by typing the username and password. The system will hold four users, the administrator, the director, the teachers, and the students.

The administrator will hold the capability to provide respective user access rights. The administrator also holds the capability to manage the entire system by uploading courses offered, students records and the assigning of teachers to the respective courses being handled. The director possesses the capability to view the students’ records and grades including teachers who are assigned for a particular course.

The director will also have the privileged right to set deadlines of uploading students grades as well as locking and unlocking the system. The teachers on the other hand hold the capability to manage students’ grades by uploading and editing the scores. Further, teachers will also possess the capability to sort students’ grades in a ascending and descending manner.

The student will only have the means to view and generate printed copies of the grades. Despite its capabilities the system does not have the capability to provide password recovery. Conceptual Framework In an approach to managing the development of the system, the developers will utilize the IPO model in formulate Deffinition of Terms Class Participation.

Students ability to join class discussion either by raising questions or sharing of concepts in view of the topics being discussed. Class Record Examinations. Long test given at the end of every quarter covering topics discussed within a quarter. Grade Components.

Activities undergone by a student in which he is rated by the teacher. Grade Component Rating. The mark or rating given bu the teacher to the subject grade component based on the performance of the student Quizzes. Short test on topics which is previously discussed or given as assignments. Subject Average Grade. The grade of the student for the subject as computed by the teacher and that appears on the student report card. It is determined by the sum of all ratings for the different grade components divided by the total number of grades components.